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Northwest Van Campers Availability

Green indicates that we’re available for that date, yellow means there are reservations on that date but we still have a van available, and red means that we’re sold out. We are closed for the season from October until the beginning of May. Please note that it takes a few days to get reservations confirmed and loaded into the system, so days that are full may show as available.

UPDATE as of  30 April 2019: We are 100 % booked for the 2019 season and no longer taking reservations. Come out and see us in 2020!

Our blackout days for 2019 are as follows: Friday May 24th-Monday May 27th/ Monday 1 July Tuesday 9 July/ Sunday 14 July-Wednesday 17 July/ Friday 2 August-Sunday 4 August/ Saturday 31 August-Wednesday 4 September. (On blackout days Vans cannot be dropped off or picked up. Your pick-up and drop-off days must occur before or after the blackout dates, however, your trip may encompass these dates.) We too like to enjoy the Alaskan summer, thank you for understanding.

If you’d like to request a reservation for an open time slot (marked green on the calendar), please fill out this simple form. We will look over your information and get back to you as soon as possible to finalize your reservations.

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